Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection For Your Car

There is no doubt that installing a good quality ceramic coating via an experienced detailer will provide your car with a hardened surface protection helping to repel wash marring and light abrasions. Purchases will also benefit from ceramic coating application through added gloss, hydrophobic water behaviour and surfaces are left easier to clean, maintain as well as contamination struggle to bond too.

Why Choose An Independent Detailer To Install Your Ceramic Coating 

From feedback we received from many clients the general consensus from the majority is of disappointment from dealer applied coatings on mass produced vehicles. We also witness first hand vehicles which appear to have no or very low levels of protection after relatively short periods of time.

Independent detailers have far superior equipment than dealer valetors and the knowledge, understanding to deliver very high results in a quick an efficient time period. And the latter point upon the previous statement is probably the most important factors. Preparation of a clear coat for ceramic coating application on a car is a time consuming with multiple stages even on brand new cars. The independent detailer will only finish the job when he or she is happy with the results, not when they have to get on with the next job.

What Ceramic Coating Protection Should You Consider For Your Car

Ceramic coatings from various brands lend a diversity in qualities and advantages which will have specific attractiveness to the individual. For instance the make up of a ceramic coating with a high anorganic base will deliver a very hard protection to your cars paintwork. However anorganic coatings do not have a strong hydrophobic performance which sometimes is mistaken as a coating failure. Most coatings have different lifespans, hardness scales and more complex application demands.

So in talking to an experienced independent detailer he or she should ascertain the exact demand of each individual and of course the specific manufacturers  paint which would benefit the most from.

Specialist Ceramic Coating & Paint Protection Installers For Cars In Bedford

We are one of the most experienced and longest established valeting and detailing businesses in Bedfordshire. We also have been chosen to represent international detailing brand manufacturers. So your car is in safe hands with Autogleam to ensure you receive top quality finish and performance from all of the cars we install ceramic coating paint protection packages upon.