New Car Ceramic Coating Protection Detail

Big fat juicy Land Rover Defender! This was the car that came in for new car protection detail to deliver stunning glass like finish, whilst adding hardened surface to help deflect marring and light scratching.

What’s Involved in New Car Protection

To gain the best results from a ceramic coating application it is vital that the surface is prepared properly to maximise the performance of the resin. Surfaces have to be cleaned and all contamination removed prior to polishing. The polishing process is employed to remove clearcoat defects with the aim to produce the best possible finish that can be achieved. Then, and only then is the ceramic coating of choice is applied.

Which Ceramic Coating Protection Is Best For My Car?

Ceramic coatings come with different qualities that are considerations to be decided upon. The factors that need to be taken into account are, longevity, hardness, gloss levels and hydrophobic performance. This will determine which resin is best suited to the individual and in some cases the manufacturers clearcoat. The best way to get to the decision of which coating to choose is discuss these factors and marry up performance with budget and that can be done buy contacting us here

 How Much Will A Ceramic Coating Cost On My Car?

The cost of having a ceramic coating protection on your car can vary hugely. For reasons such as level of clearcoat damage to be rectified and the performance of the ceramic coating chosen. We do offer a 1 year coating protection package for budget or annual details which start at £299, you can see the results of this service here

Our Valeting and Car Detailing Service & What We Do

We are fully insured up to the liability of 2 million pounds, allowing clients piece of mind to work on high value as much loved cherished vehicles. We have been trading since 1992 both on a mobile and static options, serving Bedfordshire and surrounding counties such as Hunts, Northants, Herts, Bucks and occasionally further afield upon specialist jobs. Our aim is to deliver satisfaction to all our clients which is reflected upon our 5 star google reviews rating.

Whatever your car valeting or detailing requirements are, we will more than likely be able to help.