Protection, Coatings & Upgrades

When considerable time has been spent upon enhancing or correcting vehicle paintwork it is prudent to apply LSP, which means Last Stage Protection. This can come in the form of waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings.

Polysilazane silca ceramic coatings offer both robust deterrent against wash marring/light scratches as well as high gloss hydrophobic qualities.

Polymer sealants are great options for gloss and hydrophobic tops ups with ease of use, they are efficient affordable options.

Alloy wheel coatings help to repel brake dust, dirt and enable ease of cleaning for the future maintenance of alloys.

Top quality durable windscreen and glass treatment which renders windscreen wipers almost redundant.

Waxes are wonderful options for classic car presentations. Options such as Swissvax Best of Show are great for concourse car shows and other choices are available for more durable qualities.

Cabriolet protection is a must for those with soft tops to repel dirt from delicate hoods and prolong appearances.

Fabric and leather protection are available for those wanting to help with repelling spillages, dirt and prolonging the life of hide.

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