Protection, Coatings & Upgrades

This is where you can bolt on extra’s to your service to ‘up’ the protection of your vehicles and investment.

Ceramic paintwork application is ideal for the perfectionist, or for new cars offering years of sealed in protection.

Alloy wheel coatings help to repel brake dust, dirt and enable ease of cleaning for the future maintenance of alloys.

Top quality durable windscreen and glass treatment which renders windscreen wipers redundant. We have tested several brands to fine drag resistant product which neither causes fogging or premature blade issues. Oh yes, and doesn’t create annoying friction squeaks.

Wax upgrades such as Swissvax for literally ‘best in show’, Mitchel and King Show wax, Malco Nano Paste waxes, Navi Wax Ioncoat, Anglewax Guardian and Swissvax shield to add the little extra against winter elements and presentation demands.

Cabriolet protection is a must for those with soft tops to repel dirt from delicate hoods.

Fabric and leather protection are options for those wanting to help with repelling spliages, dirt and prolonging the life of hide.

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