Gloss Paint Contamination Removal From Tesla

Occasionally you get an unexpected challenge where a client is hoping you can succeed. In some instances you hope the faith your client has is correct. Luckily in this instance the faith was justified and all was good.

Paint Removal

Pretty much all of the clients tesla was covered in gloss paint (apart from the bonnet)and the arduous task of safely removing the hardened paint and restoring the paint to a high level with the added protection of a ceramic coating.


The usual process was used to wash our Tesla and several processes to discover which would be the most efficient and safest process to employ.

In this instance clay cloth was our option before our rotary and dual action polishers were deployed to remove any marring and clear coat defects. The completed polishing process was followed by wipe down and degrease of all panels ready for the acceptance of ceramic coating.

Ceramic Coating Protection

Our client decided upon system X Pro with a longevity of up to 6 years and is a semi permanent 9H self cleaning ceramic high gloss protection system. This meaning the coating will more than likely out live the ownership of our client, ensure ease of future cleaning and maintain a high level appearance.

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