Vehicle Interior Cleansing and Extracting

There are several variants of carpet and seat fabric composition which all bring their own individual demands. To cater for such requirements we use different techniques to obtain satisfactory and desired results.

Foam cleaners are used where soiling coverage can be treated with this techniques. This is advantageous as it is quick process and doesn’t require long drying times, leaving clean surfaces, freshly fragranced with little¬†risk to drying tied lines appearing. Perfect for vehicle¬†headlining and problematic areas.

Spot cleaning and blotting with specialist chemicals will also produce great quick results but may require drying time. Solvent aerosol products are used to remove ink, grease and old from fabrics and surfaces.

Our next options are steam cleaning and for heavy soiling we use fabric extraction system with specially formulated chemicals for machine use which are designed to both clean and combat unwanted smells and spillages.

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