Modern Classic Mazda 323 Detail turn around 

The phone call came through to request if I could help in revitalising a genuine 43k 1 owner from new 2.0 litre 1998 Mazda 323. With only x4 Mazda 323F been shown as being taxed of 2022 in the UK and 12 sorn. This car might represent a decent investment for future times. So to make this Mazda attractive, look shiny and mint once again.

Mobile Car Detailing Services In Bedfordshire

This particular job was completed on a mobile car detailing and valeting service to the customers house in Woburn Sands Bedfordshire. For convenience for the client, especially of a weekend, a studio wasn’t a necessity, which suited the client perfectly.

What Car Detailing Services Were Completed?

Washing the Car Down

Although this car wasn’t too dirty, it had accrued a fare amount of fall out and natural coverage from spider and insects. So the first part of the job was to wash the whole of the exterior, including the engine bay wheels arches and door/boot shuts. This also included the inner and outer rims of the wheels and a complete chemical and clay decontamination.

Cleaning The Engine Bay

The engine bay was very clean as it was. So just a freshen up and corrosion removal of the rocker cover, heat shield and exhaust manifold was required. Being old technology care had to be taken around the distributor, plug leads and electrics. So no pressure washer was used, just chemical with agitation where necessary and a gentle rinse whilst venerable areas were covered.

Metal Treatment

There was small amount of metal work that needed addressing on our Mazda, the rocker cover, heat shield and exhaust manifold were all chemically treated. Then wire wool the very same areas to an acceptable finish. The exhaust was also treated to some metal polish to enhance it’s appearance and really compliment the red bumpers once they were polished.

Colour Restoration & Machine Polishing

The red paintwork upon our Mazda has lost its shine and was losing it’s colour too. So the task was to reinvigorate the once deep red glossy paint the Mazda used to sport. So a machine polish with both a cutting process and a finishing process was installed to revitalise that shine and gloss it once possessed. Which worked a treat, as a deep beautiful finish was returned to a car which was a luxury car of it’s day.

Interior Valeting

This Mazda’s interior was in exceptional condition, but a little musty for being closed up for ten years. So it was just a case of spot cleaning with added fabric freshener, ozone machine treatment and some air sanitiser/freshener. The mats were a little worn, but original, so they were cleaned as best as possible to fit in with the originality of the 323F.

Meeting the customers expectations and needs

We replied to our customers web enquiry the same day and called as promised the next morning to discuss to marry up the requirement and expectations of the new client. In essence the goal was to make the 323, without spending a large amount of money, attractive to a potential new owner. And that is is exactly what we did.

Who would benefit from such a car detailing service?

So this isn’t a service which is primarily aimed at old cars or indeed for cars advertised for sale. It is true to say this was a very enjoyable, satisfying job to have completed, but also a service which can be utilised for other purposes. For example, if you have bought a new to you car, you want it to look and feel fresh? Then this is an option to consider. On the same way that you may want to fall in love with your car again, possibly if it’s been purchased at the ending of a finance package. Either way we can transform the look and appearance of your vehicle.

We cover all of Bedfordshire and the surrounding counties and offer both mobile and static based car detailing services, including paint enhancement and correction, paint protection ceramic coating options and all aspects of detailing for all transportation.

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