Ceramic Coating Protection for Cars, How Long Does It Last?

We ceramic coated a Porsche GT3 three years ago and the performance of the coating is still very impressive. The hydrophobic qualities and gloss of the coating is still very strong. In fact other than some minor wash marring it could be thought that this car was coated very recently. So what’s the secret of a coating lasting so long and how long will it last? We’ll explain!

What Ceramic Coating Is Best For You?

When choosing a ceramic coating you have to consider what factors are most important to you. Generally the more robust the coating in performance then the more expensive it is. The factors you may wish to consider most when choosing a ceramic coating is hardness, gloss level and hydrophobic performance. A anorganic base of coating delivers very high levels of hardness to help resist marring and scratching but has little hydrophobic qualities that provide water behaviour. Whilst organic polysilazane ceramic coatings will give you sheeting water behaviour as seen in the video.

How Long Will My Ceramic Coating Last On My Car?

The duration of the performance will be dependable on several factors. The main reason why our Porsche’s coating has lasted as long as it has, is that it has been looked after correctly from day one and there on after it’s application. And that is the key factor within how long your coating will last. Safe washing and the use of quality products will maximise the longevity of your coating. Other factors which contribute to longevity is the mileage the vehicle covers and if it is garage.

Need Help In Choosing In Choosing Ceramic Coating Protection For Your Car?

Need help choosing the ceramic coating best suited for you then do enquire here for advice or call us to discover what we can do for you. Alternatively take a look here for product info/performance and click on ‘ceramic coatings‘.

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