Classic Car Enhancement & Protection Detail

This was our last job completed in 2020 completed on December 31st. And what a way to finish the year. Jaguar E Type enhancement and protection detail. Completed on a mobile valeting and detailing service in Thurleigh Bedfordshire, this job was to deliver a boost of gloss to the paintwork and help protect surfaces against the effects of a cold damp winter. A stunning Jaguar E Type finished in British Racing green was given a full day to beautify and enhance it’s iconic ever green looks.

Paint Enhancement Requirements

The paint on the E type Jaguar has signs washing marring and minor damage and the task was to remove those and add a deep shine. A safe two bucket was was completed with the use of super soft wash mitts and uber soft drying towels. A light claying was completed to help remove any contamination so our protective product can adhere and deliver its best possible performance.

Enhancing the paintwork on a Jaguar E type through a mobile detailing service give convenience to owners of classic without the need to transport them. offers mobile and static car detailing service within Bedfordshire and surrounding counties.

Protecting & Cleaning Delicate Areas

Our E types engine bay was carefully cleaned with low powered water jet in areas possible and hand washed, employing gentle but efficient pre wash chemicals and finally rinsed to remove excesses. All areas were then blown dry via a dewalt mini leaf blower. Once the majority of water has been dispersed a water based silicone suspension dressing is sprayed around all areas. This will not only deliver a great finish but it leaves a protective film on surfaces to help deflect and protect against top surface corrosion. Being a classic vehicle owner I’m only to aware of naughty little rust marks appearing through damp cold winters that give you that horrid surprise upon spring time.

  Metal & Chrome Polishing

Wire wheels, chrome bumpers and metal finishes look great with some polishing. Polishing and protecting them through the winters months is especially important to help the fight against rust and maintain the ‘bling’ look.

Once surfaces have been polished the water based silicone spray is used to protect. It’s a great option as it lubricates, protects and being water based it easily washed off once the emergence of spring and warmer weather arrives.

Our metal polish of choice is white diamond metal polish and the best price we can find is right here 

Final Finishing & LSP

After the bodywork was polished via a Flex rotary polisher and refined also with a Flex dual action polisher, it was time for protection as some added wet looks. So in line with the nature of the beast we didn’t use a ceramic coating, the weapon of gloss was actually Swissvax Best of Show wax. Prior to waxing all panels were cleansed with panel wipe to ensure surfaces were true and our wax has the best opportunity to adhere to the paintwork for maximum performance. The results were very pleasing and the pictures speak volumes in themselves.

The final slice of protection was dressing the tyres with a high content solvent based silicone product. This helps the tyre maintain their subtleness and slows premature cracking, drying and perishing of the rubber.

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