Gliding Trailer Polishing & Gel Coat Restoration

Faded Gel Coat Restoration On Glider Trailers

Part of the investment of a glider is the transportation you take it in. Being such a specialist mode of transportation the value of glider trailers is high. So why wouldn’t you protect your investment by looking after it? Besides the trailer looking aesthetically pleasing, if you are selling your gilder the first thing a buyer is likely to see, is your trailer. We all know that first impressions are very influential to us all if nothing else. However, the look of a fresh clean shiny trailer will also give the impression of a loved and well maintained aircraft which is being stored within.

What Is The Process Of Cleaning A Glider Trailer

The lion share of a gliders trailer’s life is usually spent sitting in the same position largely outdoors collecting what nature has to through at it throughout the four seasons. This tends to largely be ‘green’, mostly in the form of algae, moss and other fungal growth. So our first job is to chemically cleanse the gel coat surface and clean away as much as possible before using a mechanical process. Often imbedded natural fall out has made it’s home on the surface which is combatted via claying. Once the whole trailer has been clayed then we are ready for polishing.

Polishing And Sanding Glider Trailer

Once the glider trailers have been cleaned and decontaminated, a test area can be worked upon to ascertain the best combination of product and pad to gain the results we are looking for. In some instances sanding will be an option needed to be implemented. This is carried through out multiple grades of paper by hand or mechanically via a dual action sander.

It is not uncommon for UV damage to gel coats to be irreversible. When the gel breaks down, sometimes what looks like a harvest of mould covers the surface. This is actually the failure of the surface, not something upon the surface. The solution to this problem is actually to re-cover, however this can be improved upon, and in some cases to quite satisfactory finish which eliminates the need for expensive refinishing. But each surface is individual and final results can only be guessed upon, not predicted.

Ceramic Coating A Glider Trailer

A ceramic coating is a liquid applied in thin even layers to surfaces, this then hardens to semi-permanent finish holding the ability to last for several years. Applying such as resin to a glider trailer has several benefits. Number one though is the deflection/protection of the harmful UV rays. Although it’s not going to stop the damage it will be the best line of defence other than PPF (paint protection film) and a whole lot cheaper than PPF. Other benefits are increased gloss levels, high hydrophobic properties, meaning both rain water and dirt are repelled, bird lime, natural fall out – such as tree sap – becomes easier to remove and potential etching/damage is reduced. Cleaning and maintenance washes become easier too.

How Long Should I Expect A Ceramic Coating To Last?

The longevity of a coating does rely upon how it is maintained, especially upon a car. The same goes for a glider trailer, however a glider trailer does not endure the same level of use and washing as a car. The washing part is important as the friction applied whilst washing and drying a coated surface is what slowly erodes the resin away. Technology is evolving at a very fast rate within the ceramic coating industry. We stock and can install coatings that hold a lifetime guarantee and not only that but they can be installed in direct sunlight with low cure time durations. This means trailers can be protected without the necessity of undercover conditions or dry storage.

What Areas Do We Cover For Glider Trailer Polishing?

Based in Bedfordshire we cover the surrounding counties but have travelled further afield and can also cater for anywhere in the UK if required. If you require more information or would like to make a booking, then click here ?