Lorry and Commercial Vehicle Valeting

We are best known for valeting and detailing cars around the Bedford area as well as adjacent counties of Northamptonshire, Bucks and Hunts. However we also care for motor homes, caravans, boats, motor bikes. And even some bigger vehicles as well. Lorries! We valet commercial vehicles in the shape of lorries and vans.

The Commercial Vehicle Valeting Services We Provide

The most common service for valeting lorries and vans is the ‘new driver’ valet. Operators often clean cabs for new users, one to welcome them to a fresh looking and feeling vehicle and two in the hope they will look after and keep them in a acceptable condition. However, any service can be provided from a basic lorry wash to a safety valet to help with vision for wet driving conditions. Sealants can be used leaving lorry and commercial vehicles paintwork looking fresh and also easy to maintain for future washing.

Meticulous Lorry Valeting & Detailing Service

Just because a lorry is very large it doesn’t mean it can’t receive the same love and attention say a Aston Martin receives. Services can range from sign writing removal, bush and shrub abrasion/scratches rectification, colour restoration, fabric extraction, viral treatment, glass rain sealants, metal/chequered plate polishing and tobacco/smoke treatment to list just a few of our services.

We have high pressure wash equipment and specialist machines to make cleaner large vehicles and commercials quick and as efficient meaning the customer receives value for money whilst gaining top quality results.

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