BMW Transform & Refresh Detail & Ceramic Coating Protection.

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Our new customer came to us to ask for a opinion and an inspection to what we could possibly achieve to the budget he had. He had seen our videos of enhancement details on cars and other modes of transport and was wanting to bring his newly purchased used vehicle up to a high standard.

What did we, and what can we achieve?

This particular vehicle had been used to transport a dog around, so the main criteria for this particular job was to remove extensive scratching upon the rear bumper and address the odour and staining to the boot area. The results were indeed a huge difference and big correction of the rear bumper and a fresher looking/smelling interior. Our client wanted to maintain there on after so by applying a ceramic coating he would gain a surface that not only would help deflect future wash marring and potential light clearcoat damage, but it would essentially make it easy for him to clean.

The exterior car care

Standard paintwork prep was employed including all shuts, engines, wheels (including inner rims), arches were cleansed before decontamination of iron and bitumen (road tar) was removed via chemical and claying. Machine polishing ensued, removing a very high level of clearcoat damage leaving surfaces with deep gloss free of cobwebbing.


All the interior was vacuumed, including leather seats cleaned (hide nourished), door cards and pockets also cleaned thoroughly. The boot area was wet extracted with specialist pet treatment and once dry an ozone machine was used to help eradicate any K9 or tobacco smells within the car.

Affordable Ceramic Coating

The ceramic coating applied was chosen simply to fit the budget of the client, also with a view to re applying once the it had run it’s life span.

A 6-12 month polysilazane silca coating capable of curing in a short period of time was perfect for the demands of our client, leaving the paintwork with high gloss, super smooth hydrophobic surface.

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