Jaguar Enhancement Detail

This is the kind of detailing job that I can utilise my 30+ years of valeting and car presentation experience to deliver pleasing results in a short period of time. By doing this client benefit from lost costs whilst gaining high end finishes. This particular enhancement detail was completed in Northamptonshire although we are based in Bedfordshire we do offer and have indeed completed valeting and detailing work across the UK including Hunt, Hertfordshire, Cambs, Bucks, Oxon London boroughs to list a few.

Classic car detail

This was our modern-day classic Jaguar enhancement detail ready for sale. One days labour to maximise the presentation of all areas of the Jaguar. This original 1 owner from new Jaguar needed to be kept as original as possible with all manufacturer’s stickers left present and in mint condition – including the ones under the bonnets.

The Challenges Of The Jaguars Enhancement Detail

As mentioned, one challenge was to keep all stickers intact whilst cleaning an engine bay which looked like it had never been cleaned. This was not the only challenge. Bright work required descaling, stain removal and polishing to a high finish. And there was lots, including exhausts, grill and trims.

The paintwork had a high level cobwebbing, swirls and light scratches, which were polished out to a high finish. Prior to polishing the paintwork was decontaminated for a clean pure surface to be polished and hold protective layer efficiently. The challenge here was to complete the process in a quick manor without compromising the finish.

Interior Detailing

The interior on this specific car was of a ridiculously high standard for it’s age. This freed up the time to concentrate on this exterior. So a light vacuum, minimal leather cleaning and a nice helping of colourlock leather protector was applied to help prolong the appearance and life of the leather.

Who Do We Carry Out Car Detailing Work For?

This particular job was completed for silverstone classic and race car storage   who are one of our partners we help in the field of super car, classic and prestigious car detailing services. We still of course offer top end car detailing, as well as all vehicles for individuals too.