Affordable paint protection packages for your car.

With so many different paint protection packages and products on the market it can be difficult to determine what is the best package suited to each and every individual.
Ceramic resin coating technology is moving forward at a great pace and cater for every pocket and expectation. We offer several options to deliver the desired result for one and all regardless of make and model of vehicle.
The conclusion of how we come to this understanding is simply testing each product individually and also speaking to fellow top detailers around the UK and indeed the world to maximise knowledge and understanding.

What Considerations Should You Make When Deciding Upon Ceramic Coating Protection For Your Car?

Whilst choosing a paint protection scheme the three main considerations should be the level of protection, ie the hardness and qualities at repelling potential damage, length of durability and gloss levels.

Preparation of vehicle paintwork is always imperative to how any form of  coating/sealant will perform over time and how aesthetically pleasing the end results are.

To cater for lesser budgets we have compiled a truly impressive option which delivers very high results for the demands of clients desiring  wet look finishes and strong hydrophobic qualities.

For an incredible £299 clients can benefit from paintwork defect removal of up to 85% and 1 year high gloss hydrophobic coating.

The service includes full Decontamination, machine polish to remove light scratches, wash marring, swirls, cobwebbing, resulting in slick high gloss deep shines. The coating itself produces high water resistance, delivering self cleaning qualities to the client. Within the service the whole of the vehicles bodywork (not chassis or underbelly) is refreshed and cleaned. Also included is a light freshen of the interior.


There on after treatment has been completed purchasers will experience ease of cleaning, high water, dirt and traffic film deflection. Natural contamination will not bond to surfaces easily nor mark or etch compared to non treated surfaces.

The Importance of maintaining a car that has been ceramic coated

The performance of the coating will be determined by how you look after there on after application. The influencing factors in all instances of any coatings performance is employing correct wash processes, consistency of washing and if the vehicle is dry stored regularly.

What to expect

This gloss protection service is based on a vehicle enhancement detail. Thus meaning removal of a very high level of swirling/marring and light abrasions. It does not include localised damage, deep scratches or indeed anything that demands sanding.
Your coating will enhance and lock in deep gloss finishes, whilst resulting in high hydrophobic surfaces. The level of hardness upon this coating is not as high as other options open to clients and is geared more towards the aesthetic and rain repellency qualities.

The service is completed within a day and requires short curing duration on either a mobile or static option.

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