Should I Remove Heavy Dirt From My Car Quickly?

Statistics show that on scale, the second most expensive item we purchase in our lifetimes are our cars. With only our homes being of higher value than our vehicles, the average person as a rule will lose more money on their vehicles than any other investment made. So it makes sense to look after our investments as best as possible to regain as high re sale value as possible when it comes to selling our vehicles. And this includes cleaning dirt of the paintwork at the earliest opportunity.

Why You Should Remove Dirt Off Your Car

In instances where vehicles are parked upon grassed areas and dirt is fired over the paintwork and it is not removed, it can result in paintwork etching. The combination of the dirt, and baking of the dirt onto clear coats may result in damage which will require attention to restore. Although is some cases it’s not quite as aggressive as leaving bird lime on paintwork, it does still have similar effects.

What Should I do If I Get Heavy Dirt On My Car

If you do get in a situation where you car gets ‘sprayed’ with heavy dirt then it would be prudent to remove at the earliest opportunity. A safe procedure to employ would be to pre spray the contaminated area with a non caustic chemical or a citrus pre wash product allowing to dwell  for approx 1 minute (depending upon ambient temperature, do not allow to dry) and jet wash off. Any further dirt clinging on can be removed with a gentle car wash soap within a two bucket system, employing forgiving wash mitts. Wash mitt options can be microfibre, lambs wool or noodle style mitts. Steer clear of sponges or cheap synthetic mitts.

Removing Etching On Vehicle Paintwork

In the instance of the Audi RS6, the paintwork washed polished to a high standard to remove defects and was then protected with a coat of sio2 sealant. All damaged was restored and we had a happy client. If you have etching to your paintwork we solve the problem as well as all car valeting, paint protection, paint correction and detailing services in Bedford and surrounding areas of Bedfordshire. Static and mobile car valeting and detailing services available.