Boat Polishing Glider Trailer Restoration motor Home Cleaning & Caravan Rejuvenation

For those requiring a service that will restore faded surfaces on boats or indeed just want to enhance the appearance of your boat the we have the answer to your demands. Not only do we have services that create gloss and protection to your boat, we also have options to seal in finishes, clean seats/plastics and help prevent UV damage to cockpit and seating areas.

What is gel coat?

Gel coat is a reinforced resin which is used to cover such surfaces as fibre glass to provide a high gloss coloured finish. This is commonly found on boats, motor homes, glider trailers, caravans and glider trailers.

How we Clean Boats

To get desired finishes we provide multiple options for the fresh water and salt water boat owners. Exterior cleaning always starts with a wash down to remove all dirt and water soiling/water line green. Options for further enhancement mechanical decontamination which can be claying or sanding. This often leads onto machine polishing to maximise appearance and finishes. Protection can be in the form of PTFE waxes, polymer sealants or ceramic coatings.

Why Protect Your Boat?

Once surfaces have been polished and even when they are new it is important to help assist and deflect harmful UV rays. The sun rays are pretty much the most harmful effects to gel coat. You can often tell how caravans, motor homes and boats are parked/moored by the condition of the gel coat where the sun predominantly shines on specific areas. This is why glider trailers often have the most discoloured surfaces as they are stored in vast expanses with little or no shade/cover.  By apply a coat of protection you help defend against penetrating UV rays prolonging the surface condition.

Motor Home, Caravan, Horse Box, Boat & Glider Trailer Polishing Services

The last four years has seen a sharp increase in demand for the cleaning and polishing of motor homes, caravans, boats, glider trailers and horse boxes. We are actually located in Bedfordshire but now regularly travel around the UK completing specialist jobs for individuals and in some cases professional out fits.

To get a quote or to marry up a service that is suited to both requirements and budget click here to contact us for further information.

Car Valeting & Detailing 

We still of course offer car detailing and valeting services based in Bedford Bedfordshire with mobile and unit based options.