Caravan & Motor Home Cleaning & Valeting in Bedfordshire & Surrounding Counties. Offering Boat, Horse Box & Glider Trailer cleaning/polishing

Autogleam have been specialising in the cleaning and valeting of caravans and motor homes for over 20 years. In that period we have developed techniques and knowledge to deliver a service quickly, economically and to a very high standard.

With over 30 years of trading, 5 star google reviews and insurance liability up to 2 million rest assured your vehicle is in safe hands with us.

So what can you expect from our caravan and motor home cleaning service?

We are 100% self sufficient when required, so we can carry out work on site at caravan storage areas as well as motor home storage areas and boat yards.

Our standard wash service consists of a complete wash down including the roof. Green is removed to leave surfaces as fresh as possible. Gutters, window and bulk head shuts are all cleaned in accordance with access. With motor home valeting the engine bay, fuel flap and drains are also included. High active wash and wax is employed to provide added gloss and protection, but we also offer the ever so popular sealant application which provides gloss and can last through a summer or winter season. This takes the place of what once would be a wax application but with way less labour time, meaning it’s more economical on your pocket.
Waxes are still available if requested.

Interior cleaning

Basic interior cleans consist of cushions and seats within caravans and cockpit areas on motor homes. Seat extraction and fabric protection are options as are leather cleaning and leather protection. With motor homes, door cards /pockets and dash boards are also covered in specific services. Cab windows/glass in and out are standard service upon the motor home service. As are mirrors.

Deep cleans are available which include oven cleaning and living quarters which are priced upon request.

We are specialists in the restoration of faded gel coat on caravans, motor homes, boats, horseboxes and glider trailers. Having worked on gel coats for such a long period of time we have developed techniques and equipment to gain high levels of finishes in short periods of time. These techniques could involve polishing and sanding in certain instances.

Results are the return of glossy finishes and deep shines.

Protecting your caravan and Motor Home

Once we have restored faded gel coat we recommend applying a ceramic coating. We do apply a wax as standard but to try and maintain surfaces for as long as possible we have researched and tested products to find the best performing products for your caravans, motor homes, boats, horsebox or glider trailer. The advantages of coatings are enhanced UV protection, hydrophobic properties, self and ease of cleaning.

Further services caravan services include acrylic windows restoration, (abrasion and swirling removal, which is also relevant to gel coat surfaces), black trim/bumper restoration and removal of vinyl decor.

Lorry horsebox services include all areas surface cleaning both interior and exterior.

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We cover wide areas of the UK include the St. Albans and parts of London and are trusted and visitor valetor’s at several caravan storage areas such as

Calvers at Clapham Bedford
Dunton Sunderland Hall Farm
Nulade Clapham Bedford
Havelock Riseley Beds
St.albans Woodwell Caravan Storage
Soldrop J M Caravan Storage Bedfordshire / Northamptonshire
Yelden Middle Lodge Caravan Storage Yelden
Wilstead Caravan Storage
Lock stock Storage Cranfield

Stamford Lakes Caravan Storage

Glider trailer sites visits include

London gliding club
Cambridge Gliding Centre

Bicester Soaring

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