Iveco Commercial Vehicle Valet

Autogleam Bedford offer a fully mobile and static valeting & car detailing service. We are fully insured with liability insurance up to the value of 5 million for top end, classic and high value vehicles as well as the more modest vehicles. With over 32 years experience we know how to get high end results in a efficient and cost effective fashion .

We are constantly being challenged to demands of individuals requiring specific needs to achieved the desired outcomes. We love being challenged, and the diversity of every challenge maintains high interest in a service we take much pride in delivering.

Commercial Vehicle Valeting

Delivering all kinds of car detailing in Bedford and the surrounding areas, we also cater for all valeting services for all vehicles. Large, small or massive we can help get your vehicle super clean.

Commercial Vehicle Valeting Demands

The Iveco van cleaned and polished in our article was located in Milton Keynes for and behalf of Fusion Events. Their van was looking a little tired and not perhaps representing their clean polished service they are associated with.

For filling clients request. Fusion’s end goal was a clean crisp nice looking vehicle, prepared for new graphic installation and a fresh new image. Agreement was decided that a full machine polish would be the best option to restore dulled colour and lose previous writing signage ghosting. The rest was up to me to beautify and impress.

What We Actually Achieved 

Our process starts with a coordinated task of vehicle washing, wheel brightening/rust stain removal, full paint decontamination on both natural fall out which had been collected over the years. In this instance it was a particularly important process, which normally is associated with preparing paint for a ceramic coating or a protective product to assist in delivering the maximum longevity of the specific product. As much of this was the case, in this instance, the other important factor was creating a clean surface for the graphics to adhere to on a ‘new’ looking van. Basics task of door shuts, wheel arches, engine bay and drainage gullies were cleaned as per.

Machine Polishing & Finishing

The whole of our vans paintwork was polished resulting in an awesome shine, with a paste wax sealant applied assisting with protection against UV rays and prolong it’s show room finish. All the plastics were dressed with a semi permanent coating to help further enhance and protect the appearance of the Iveco.

One Happy Customer

The results spoke for themselves. Our new customer was highly impressed with what we achieved within a day with the all round appearance. We created a new canvass for graphics, produces what looked like a new vehicle to reflect the high level of service and presentation that Fusion associate with.

Service Areas We Cover

We offer all parts of valeting and detailing to cars, lorries, vans, caravans, motor homes, glider trailers, boats and more. We are based on the Bedfordshire bordering Northamptonshire and Hunts. But we also cover surrounding counties and further afield when valeting horse boxes, glider trailers and race lorries trailers and similar modes of transport.

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