Boat Polishing

Looking for an answer for polishing your fresh water boat, sea vessels or lake boat. If your boat is gel coat composition then we can restore your boat to high gloss finish.

Glider Trailer Polishing

Restoring and protecting glider trailers

Glider trailers manufactured with gel coatings often suffer from severe dulling from uv rays.
This in turn gives the impression of an unloved expensive trailer which can never negative if presenting a glider up for sale.
This is where we can assist in presentation and protection too prolong new and more ‘experienced’ glider trailers.

The process of restoring glider trailer surfaces

Cleaning the gel coat surface

The life of a glider trailer is generally is one of soaking up ultra violet rays and collecting natural fall out from trees, bushes and from grass being cut.
So the first process is to clean our gel coat surface removing all ‘green’ then employing the use of a clay cloth to remove embedded contamination.

Once our trailer is clean then the restoration begins. When surfaces have suffered substantial damage then the lion share of removing the dead surface is completed via a dual action polisher and 3000 grit sand paper.

Polishing gel coat

To polish up the gel coat from it’s sanded condition tufted wool pads are used with a rotary polisher. The dull finish is returned to a high gloss looking almost new once again. This usually requires two stages of product and different polishing heads.

Optimised finish on your glider trailer

Once the glider trailer has been polished and the gel coat is sporting a deep gloss then it is important to apply some form of protection to assist against the sun and its harmful rays.

Protection for gel coat finishes against uv rays

For longer lasting protection on gel coat finishes we suggest two options. The more affordable option is PTFE wax which is formulated especially to combat ultra violet rays. This wax option in reality should deliver protection of 6-12 months and recommendation application should take place to maximise protection level for optimum performance.

Enhanced ceramic protection for glider trailers and gel coat finishes.

Our preferred and advised option for glider trailer and gel coat protection is the application of a ceramic coating. This polyzilazane silica based product offers a wafer thin coating which when covering surfaces not only increases the shine/reflection levels on surfaces, produce high hydrophobic qualities, but more importantly deflects UV rays prolonging finishes and ultimately the life span of gel coats.
Removal of the coating can only take place from etching, sanding, machine polishing or friction. Expectation of protection from a ceramic coating can never measured in this case in years and not months as in the wax option.

How long does the process take?

Dependant on the level of discolouration, the restoration and protection of a medium sized glider trailer will take 10+ hours labour period.

Can this process be used on motor homes and caravans?

The process used upon restoring glider trailers is actually pretty much the same as the process used  on cars, caravans, boats and motor homes. The end goal is of course the same, that being maximising the appearance whilst delivering a protectively layer to assist in the longevity the final finish.

Is it possible to apply ceramic coating to new vehicles or surfaces that are gel coat?

The best time to protect a glider trailer or actually a car, boat or motor home is from new. The ceramic coating will give surfaces one of the best chances of looking it’s best for longer.
The labour time and polishing demands would be less intense meaning that costs are substantially lower.

What options are available for cleaning glider trailers?

If your trailer is in good condition then a simple wash and a spray sealant is sufficient to maintain surfaces providing short term protection and gloss. This kind of service is quick and affordable click here to take you to our service costs area.

How far do we travel to clean glider trailers?

Our local service area covers Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire,  Buckinghamshire,  Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Hunts and actually the whole of the UK for major services. For long distance services costing may incur traveling costs.

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Motor Home and Caravan Polishing

All processes used are pretty much the same as cleaning and polishing a caravan or motor, so this is a popular service we carry out throughout the year on a mobile bases. Click here to see prices or options