Cleaning Car Cabriolet Roofs

We are one of the longest and best mobile valeting services based in and around Bedford, and one of the services we provide is the refreshing and cleaning of  car soft top and cabriolets roofs.

Does your cabriolet roof look green and have fungus growing on it?

Green build up and fungal growth occur due to the nature of cabriolets roofs materials. This can be amplified when vehicles are parked around wooded and shaded areas. And just like any fungus, it spreads unless controlled.

How do you clean a cars cabriolet roof?

Cleaning a cabriolet roof needs extraction. Pumping chemical into the fabric will defientley break the soiling down, but that can also push the dirt and grime further into the fabric. So a combination of bactericidal chemical and an extraction system is employed to remove staining and eradicate any chance of fungal growth respawning.

How do you weather proof a cars cabriolet roof

Once a cars cabriolet roof has been cleaned it’s advisable that a sealant if used to weather proof the fabric as to help the repellence of road traffic film or greening. The product we use is Nanolex convertible top sealant and is available here

How much does it cost to clean and re-proof my cabriolet roof?

For prices on cleaning and re-proofing a cabriolet please click here

Cleaning car cabriolet roofs is just part of our mobile valeting and static based detailing services in an around Bedford. We can also carry out cabriolet hood dying and even colour changes.

Our car detailing services also include new car protection, used car protection, ceramic coating packages, commercial valeting, leather care, paint correction, paint enhancement and much more. Be sure to check out the website to see what we can do for you and your car.

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