Increase the value of your car & sell it quickly

When selling your car the goal is usually to gain as much money as possible and to have minimal amount of time waiting for your buyer to drive away in your car.

When looking at getting your car professionally cleaned the original outlay might well look an expense that you don’t need or are prepared pay. Especially as you could do it yourself? Well this can quite literally be false economy. An experienced valetor or detailer will be able to reproduce higher finishes is less time than even the very best enthusiast on a car.

Why us a professional valetor?

Reasons for this are quite simple, one they know how, and two they have all the equipment to produce efficient results. All top professionals invest money and more importantly their time in becoming better at what they do as it’s instrumental to earning more money and importantly gaining more trade.

Valeting and detailing skills

With an erray of skills and knowledge an operator will be able to cater for a vast spectrum of clients. They will also be able to add into a small time scale an impressive level of performance. For instance here a bedford valeting and detailing Matt Jones has the ability to remove scratches quicker than much of our competition. With various level of hand and block sand paper, dual action machines/sanding discs contribute to removing or hiding unsightly clear coat scratches. That can only mean a higher resale value or a more attractive vehicle for a potential buyer.

So ponder of this conundrum, part exchange your car, use we buy any car or try and sell your car privately. I guarantee if you use an established valetor he or she will deliver a vehicle presented better than any mass produced car main dealer valetor. 

How do I know this? Well I used to work in many and I still know people working within vehicle dealerships and even top brand such as BMW, Aston Martin and many more who all struggle with the ability of staff. And why is this? Simple, it’s because of how much valetors are paid. The pay is extremely low for medial valeting work.

So my point is that if you pay a reasonable amount of money you will receive a decent level of service. You get what you pay for, as with everything. But you actually get more. Think of how much monetary value removing scratches from panels, or removing tobacco smells or unsightly fabric staining. Who wants to sit on a filthy seat or have buy a car who has a seed in their head that a vehicle has been treated badly. A badly presented car will create doubt at every angle. Has the car been mechanically looked after correctly, did the owner have hygiene issues, is the car what it seems….elements of doubt can lose you a sale.

How do I sell me car and why?

Even if you were looking to part exchange a car you will be financially better. So maybe try this, punch your details of your car into a car selling website. Once you’ve got your price that you have a base to work from. It may well be true they won’t be actually prepared to purchase your car at that price without an inspection so if you want to be 100% sure then take your car in. Either way, don’t take this price as gospel as more than likely you will get an an email a few weeks later with an improved offer from the same company.

But while this time is elapsing why not get your car valeted professionally so when your new car does arrive you have already sold your car. Or indeed you gain increased funds to purchase a better new vehicle. If in this timescale you car doesn’t sell you can still part exchange it or sell it to the agent. Your other option is simply to run it to the auctions as that’s pretty much what a ll the agents will do and your valet will have your car prepared for this already.

Free car sales advertising

You don’t even have pay for advertising. Autotrader is still a good point of sale, but in reality it’s easier and more likely you’ll find a buyer locally and the use of facebook, gum tree can be free and do not underestimate the power of a beautifully presented vehicle at the side of the road or an office car park with a for sale sign in it.

To see the prices and options take a look here for ideas or contact for an exact service pricing.