Porsche GT3 RS Detail & Ceramic Coating Services Bedford

If you a looking to have your car ceramic coating paint protection around the Bedford area we can definitely help.

IGL coatings certified ceramic coating installer for peace of mind for full manufactures guarantee. Once your car has been extensively prepared and a ceramic coating applied, which is married up to the owners exact budget and requirements, your vehicle is listed upon IGL site to rubber stamp and record application for present and future owners.

Ceramic coatings offer enhance gloss levels, hardened paintwork to help against marring, help repel dirt and rain, whilst making cleaning quicker and easier.

The advantages of using an independent detailer rather than dealer applied ceramic coating come in several variations. A detailer will research and choose a ceramic coating that they find last the longest, easy to apply and importantly, delivers the most stunning gloss levels.

Similar to re spraying a car the key to a top draw finish is preparation. Ensuring the longevity and performance of a coating relies upon the canvass being prepared correctly.  The canvass being your vehicles paintwork. This takes several processes even if your car is brand new. Special iron removal chemicals and claying are employed to remove contamination of which many main dealers don’t even have let alone employ. The paintwork then requires machine polishing any defects out and cleansing before finally panel wiping prior to application.

Why you shouldn’t choose a dealer applied ceramic coating

Dealers are often tied into agreement with coating companies which either are weak versions of products that can be bought off the shelf or a relabelled product made by a third party. Dealer supplied coatings are often chosen for the simplicity of application for a work force lacking ability or understanding.     The very best performing ceramic coating products for your car can only be purchased an applied by accredited applicators of ceramic coatings.

When buying an every day new car, bolting on a ceramic protection package seems inexpensive as added to your monthly payments equates to very little. But you are still paying the same and many cases more than an independent detailer would charge and you will receive a far inferior product.

What should you ask about a ceramic coating for your car

Ceramic coatings come in two types compositions. Organic and anorganic, they can also appear with a mixture of both. A simple way of understanding how they each work is that Organic delivers hydrophobic qualities/performance whilst anorganic provides a very hard surface providing the protection against light scratches and marring, with no hydrophobic performance. Anorganic coatings require hydrophobic polymer boosters to produce it’s water repellency.

If a dealer is offering a polymer based paint protection then this is a very weak option and will never compete with performance levels of a silica based ceramic coating.

It is extremely difficult to predict the longevity of a coating from factors involving, how it’s maintained both chemically and physically, mileage the vehicle covers and local weather conditions. Nanolex are unlike other ceramic coating manufacturers who physically laboratory friction test their coatings and verify wash and mileage longevity/life span of their product.

It would be prudent to ask your potential car protection package installer regardless of a main dealer or detailer these three questions.

  1. What process both chemically and physically do you employ to prepare your vehicles prior protection application?
  2. Is my protection package Organic, anorganic or polymer based?
  3. How long will my coating last and what does (if any) my guarantee actually cover me for and will you re coat my vehicle if the product fails within its predicted life span?

We are both certified ceramic coating installers and Nanolex installer training centre offering all paint correction, detailing for both new and used vehicles in Bedfordshire, Bedford and surrounding areas. Click here to view more