Audi R8 & Classic Enhancement Detail

We provide a mobile and static car valeting and detailing service within Bedford and surrounding area.

So why use a detailer when you can clean your car yourself? This a question which sometimes arises, as well as occasionally a query on the price.

The Mercedes Benz detail was carried out in Rushden Northants as a mobile detailing option and the Audi R8 enhancement and protection was carried out in Bedford as a static service.

So what I’m going to do now is tell you some of my valeting and detailing service secrets and list much of the equipment used so you can do it yourself or fully appreciate the process and mechanics of detailing a car.

Firstly vehicles are prepped with a pre wash in door shuts, wheels arches, engines and sills. Then a further application of a citrus pre wash that removes road grime and softens and removes tar. Bilt Hamber snow foam is then applied via an interpump pressure washer that pumps 15 litres per minute which means we can wash cars down twice as fast as a hobbyist or semi professional machine such as a kranzle k7.

Bilt Hamber Korrosol is used as a fall out remover. Malco Tar-get removes any excess tar, Speedy pro clay cloth with Malco surface shine quick detailer as a lube. Malco Ultra violet wash with a pure lambs wool wash mitt is used via a three bucket was system with grit guard, which followed blasting the heavy soiling away.

A Polti 4.5 bar steam cleaner is used to clean both interior and exterior parts.

Body work is dried via Car Pro boa deep pile drying cloth. Heavily damaged clear coat is sanded via a Rupes Skorpio sander with 3M 3000 Trizact. A Flex PE14 rotary is used to restore clear coat followed by Flex VRG 3401 da to machine polish the rest of the vehicle with Malco Epic single stage compound. x3 diamond glide foam pads used with compounding and paint restoration process. Numatic industrial vacs are used.

Regular chemicals proceed as Malco leather & Plastic cleaner, Malco leather feeder, Malco Xtrax carpet cleaner/deodoriser, Koch chemie glass cleaner, edgeless premium microfiber cloths and in the Audi R8 Gyeon can coat Si02 coating is applied.

Other ‘utensils’ and equipment are also used, but everything listed here will enable a professional to gain high result quickly due to the quality of their performance. Non of which are cheap. To buy all these items will cost around £2300. You could buy cheaper items but they would result in longer labour and inferior finishes.

Then you need the skills! Don’t underestimate experience and understanding. To get the most out of equipment and product takes considerable time. So if you valet or detail your own car in can easily take twice as long as a professional. So how much do you value your spare time when cleaning your car. And how much will it cost you to buy the required products alone?

The Mercedes Benz cost £120 to complete and took around 5-6 hours to complete and the Audi R8 £220 with application of a semi ceramic coating which will last 12 months easily especially when maintained properly.

Do you require your car cleaning, valeting or detailing and live in an around Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Hunts, Hertfordshire, Buckingham?

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