Looking for a mobile valeting service in and around Bedford and also the surrounding counties or even static car detailing services, then look no further?

Autogleam has been providing mobile valeting services for Bedfordshire and surrounding counties since 1992 and part of the service options we have is industrial and natural fall out removal.

What is fallout?

Fallout is the gathering or contamination upon surfaces which can be derived from several forms. Natural forms of fall out commonly found on cars and vehicles generally tend to be tree sap, honey dew and insect discharged. Removal of such forms are relatively easy to remove but do vary upon labour time for eradication. Chemical combat usually carries the solution in these instances and are inexpensive to solve.

Unnatural forms of fall out can come in multiple forms such as bitumen, cement, hot metals, road paint, fence wood stain, polyurethane are just some of the forms of contamination we have remove from car, van paintwork.

The most common forms of fall out contamination on cars

The most common form of fall out remover by a long way is tar and is one of the easier forms to remove. The next form is metal fall out. Generally the source of metal fall out is from hot embers welding themselves to your cars paintwork from your brakes. The next common source of extreme fall out contamination is industrial.

The two videos are great examples. Both the vans in the videos have been in close proximity of welding work and metal grinding. The hot embers bond themselves onto the surface and high temperature and in many cases then start to leave rust stains/marks on vehicle paintwork.  Chemical cleansing can sometimes remove this type of contamination but it is not uncommon to require mechanical attention also.

Different forms of man made contamination bonded to you car will have individual demands, but whatever that demand maybe we are more than likely to have the solution to have your car squeaky clean once again.

What are the benefits of contamination removal on your car?

Apart from being unsightly on your car, there are other reasons why you should remove fall out from your car.  

Removing contamination is good practice as prolonging fallout attached to your car can cause irreversible effects. Within car detailing it is very important to remove all forms so surfaces can be polished meticulously and that which ever form of protection used can bond to surfaces for maximum performance and durability.

If you are looking to remove fall out from your vehicle or indeed wanting a simple car valet or intensive vehicle detail and ceramic coating and are located in Bedford or surrounding area then be sure to contact Autogleam or check our prices page