Lorry & Commercial Vehicle Valeting & Detailing

We are Autogleam and we have been trading since 1992 delivering a fully insurance reliable valeting service in and around Bedfordshire which includes lorries and commercial vehicles.

Our Customer Requirements

Our featured tractor unit and trailer belongs to Circuit 2 Circuit located at Silverstone Northants. A company which transports track and racing cars around the UK and indeed Europe. Some vehicles are flat out track race cars and some are vehicles of very high value. So this truck and trailer need to represent to a standard to the clientele using Circuit 2 Circuit are accustomed to.

Lorry Trailer Cleaning

All the side walls were cleaned of all dirt, rubber marks removed to reveal clean and crisp bright white looking interior. A long and challenging task, especially with a car trailer with two levels. But the results were very pleasing.

Tractor Unit Polishing

The exterior of the tractor unit was ok, but was showing in places prominent sign writing ghosting as well green and as dull finishes. So deployed the machine polisher to remove the ghosting and enhance all areas. Once a high gloss was reinstated to the lorries paintwork a dupont zonyl sealant was applied to assist with protection from UV and prolonged appearance levels.

Interior Lorry Cab Valeting

Lorry cab always get dirty. It’s the nature of the beast. But when cabs are used for sleeping in it’s nice to have a tidy and cleansed area. The worst effected areas are always the driver’s seat and anywhere people’s hands go.

Solving Fabric Staining & Sanitising

Both lorry cabs were chemically treated, sanitised, steam cleaned and wet vac extracted. All areas were covered including curtains and nicotine removal from head lining. Resulting in cleansed steering wheel, instrument panels, seats/seat belts, bed & all areas. Any final residue/dampness upon fabrics were dried via a fan heater to enable instant use. The final stage, a fragrance to compliment the beautifully cleaned lorry cab making the driver and living quarters smell a dam site nicer than it’s new driver.

Metal Polishing

Making the bright work look shiny again. The fuel tank and metal coverings were looking a tad jaded and milky. So a polish with the rotary restored the metal to a glossy reflective condition.


The plastic trim needed a little refreshing, so a semi-permanent dressing was applied to compliment the shiny exterior surface that had been enhanced.

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