Horse Box Lorry Cleaning 

If you wanting your horse box lorry to look as outstanding as you show horses then think about a professional valeting and detailing service on your lorry. Autogleam can offer a wide range of services that will cater for all budgets and demands of individual customers.

What Services are Available?

We offer pretty much the same line of services for horse box detailing as we do for cars. This covers both interior and exterior and can involve basic washing, exterior sealants, coatings & waxes, machine polishing, scratch/abrasion removal, glass treatment, bright work and more.

Interior cleansing covers the demands of fabric rejuvenation, leather cleaning & hide protection, bacteria and viral treatment, fragrance and deodorising options. Whatever your needs are for valeting or detailing any vehicle, whatever the size, Autogleam of Bedford will have the solution.

Horse Box Valeting & Detailing Options/Services

When having your horse box valeted you can choose from a host of options to suite all budgets and tastes. You will be surprised at how little it actually costs to have a horse box rejuvenated with a fresh new glossy finish. Basic washes with high gloss hydrophobic wash and waxes come as standard, Sealants of various degrees of strengths can add protection for months or even years depending on budget. Glass can be treated with sealants to help with wet vision, brightwork  polished to mirror finishes. Paintwork can be polished to high gloss finishes removing abrasive scratches or grazes. Wet flatting and polishing options are delivered also.

Interior and living quarters cleansing through out are options for all our potential and current clients. This can come in the form of fabric and leather cleaning. Processes include steam cleaning, wet extraction, ozone treatment, leather cleaning, hide care to list but a few options

Shiny Horse Box!