The importance of protecting leather from when it’s new

Protect and Clean Car Leather Seats. It is very difficult to argue that light coloured leather doesn’t look absolutely stunning when it’s new. But keeping it that way can be difficult. So how do you keep cars leather looking it’s best for as long as possible?

The Issues of light coloured leather.

Light coloured leather show every single bit of dirt and highlights transfer from everyday modern clothing. By applying a protective barrier you can effectively help disperse fluid spills, deflect both UV rays and clothing transfer. If you don’t then permanent damage similar to what you see in this video can be sustained. The only way to solve this problem now is to recolour the leather which is very drastic on a vehicle less than a year old like the one pictured in this video. To cleanse your leather and protect against every day we have options of products at Autogleam www.bedfordvaletinganddetailing,com to help you protect your investment.

After Care Leather Seat Cleaning

Once your leather seats have been treated staining and light soil becomes easier to remove and this can be done simply by a damp terry towel wiped gently across effected areas. This service is not just reserved for car leather seats but can also be applied to seats in caravans, motor homes, boats, lorries and even every day home furniture.

Car Detailing And Valeting In Bedford And Surrounding Counties

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