Keeping your caravan or motor home clean.

Touring in your caravan or motor home is an enjoyable past time. Visiting new places, finding  hidden gems with the world as your oyster.
Cleaning your caravan or motor home might not be quite so appealing. That’s where we come in. We can clean your motor home or caravan leaving surfaces glossy and protected, so not only do you look good on the move but we can leave a layer of protection on surfaces aiding against discoloration and also ensuring easier future washing.

The caravan and motor home cleaning services we deliver.

Depending on your requirements, we will have a solution to your caravan or motor home cleaning demands. If you store your caravan or motor home at a storage facility it is quite likely that there will be tree or green coverage in and around your area. This in turn can result in green contamination and fungal growth upon gel coat or clear coated surfaces. This is not a problem to remove through basic washing using specialist non caustic chemicals. Roofs, gutters, door shuts, trims and all areas are freshened in a safe and meticulous fashion .

The most popular service we provide.

The most popular service we provide for cleaning motor homes and caravans is the ‘wash and seal’ option.
As with the normal wash process we add a siloxane silica based polymer sealant. This is applied via a specialist lance, distributing the sealant covering all areas quickly and easily creating a glossy water repelling surface. Rain water will bead up and and owners will experience water sheeting upon washing. The advantages of using sealants are increased gloss levels, protection against ultra violet rays, self cleaning and ease of wash maintenance.
This kind of caravan and motor home washing service is ideal for upto 6 months of protection. Thus meaning cleaning at the start and end of season should ensure the up keep and presentation of your caravan or motor home.

Si02 Protection for your motor home or caravan.

The next stage up for protecting your caravan or motorhome is with the use of a water based polymer sealant. This comes in the form of a water based trigger spray and is applied manually  using a super soft micro fibre cloth.
The benefits of applying  such a product is increased durability and more robust protection. Black streaks will be easier to remove and owners can also experience easier removal of bugs and insect residue.
Our product of choice is Nanolex sifinish and the clever German manufacturers mechanically test surfaces with friction, to lend a true representation of how long protection will last. The results are 5 washes or 5k km. This can easily be extended especially when considerations of summer/warm weather driving conditions..

Top level premium protection for your caravan or motor home 

The ultimate in surface protection for your motor home or caravan is the application of a polyzilazane ceramic coating. A ceramic coating forms a thin transparent layer over surfaces resulting in a hardened surface performance helping deflect light scratches or marring, with ultimate hydrophobic water repellency. Gravity alone will for water to sheet off all surfaces.
To ensure the ceramic coating adheres to the gel coat or clear coated areas it is very important to prepare them in the appropriate fashion. Not doing so will compromise the durability which can last five years and over if applied correctly.
This process involves machine polishing creating a clean and glossy surface for the coating to there on increase reflection, gloss and protection.
There are several ceramic coating product options that we can deliver in accordance to expectations and budgets. This can be determined via communication and inspection.

Gel coat restoration

If your motorhome or caravan has become discoloured, faded or sun bleached, we can restore finishes to near or even to their former glory.
We machine polish with the use of several specialist gel coat products, an array of machine polishers and designated buffing heads in accordance with the level of discolouration and finish demanded.

Acrylic polishing

It is also possible to improve or restore acrylic windows that sustain swirls or cob webbing effects to their finishes. Equally it is also possible to restore scratch marks often received from over hanging undergrowth down tight lanes whilst touring.

Interior caravan and motor home cleaning

Interior cleaning is restricted to these listed services.

All driving cab areas
Windows (in and out)
Interior cushion freshening/extraction
Bacterial cleaning of kitchen surfaces
Floor vacuum
Textile and leather coating

Please contact if more information is required on interior cleansing and treatments?

Other services that should be considered are glass sealant treatments to ensure clearer and safer driving experiences whilst driving in the rain. When completed and driving at certain speeds it is not imperative to use windscreen wipers as rain water will simply be forced off treated areas by travelling wind forces.

It is possible to wax your caravan or motorhome and we are more than happy to do so, however this type of service is labour intensive and will not be more beneficial in comparison to a sealant

We have a fully self sufficient mobile unit when required upon on site caravan, motorhome and boat services. Covering areas in Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Hunts, please contact for any further information or help.