Restoring discoloured and faded boat gel coat to a high shine.

The core of our services, mobile car valet service based in Bedfordshire are literally as stated! However our mobile services also include high end detailing as well as caravan and motor home valeting, van and commercial vehicle valeting and boats.

Gel coat polishing have been part of our services for over twenty years and we have learnt how produce high finishes efficiently. So much so that IGL coatings entrusted us to be the very first company within the UK to apply their ceramic coating especially researched and adapted over a three year period. A 10h rated ceramic coating I Green Lover boat coating produces a long lasting hard ceramic skin over surfaces to increase gloss and help protect against harmful conditions. Applications are only applied once our nautical canvass’s have been prepared in the correct manor.

Our boat services include all exterior polishing as well as interior cleansing of cabin cruisers, speed boats and all sized vessels.

We are more than happy to travel to boat yards across England to polish boats and gel coats, but if you like to have ago yourself at restoring gloss to your boat then watch our video to learn exactly how to create a finish to be proud of.

We share our trade secrets and the products we use to produce high gloss to boat hulls and bodies in this video. Customers state they notice an improvement in fuel economy on power boats, sail boats experience higher speeds and faster sailing with polished hull.

For those interested in purchasing exactly what we use, all items are available at where sample bottles are available as well as trade 1 litres sizes. For IGL coatings you will need an approved applicator as Autogleam are accredited master detailers.

Mobile Marine Gel Coat Restoration Polishing Bedfordshire

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