Bedford Caravan Cleaning & Motor Home Valet

Mobile caravan cleaning in Bedfordshire is a service we have been providing for over two decades. If your gel coat on your caravan or motor home is looking tired or just needs a tidy up then use our enquire page to get a quote to rejuvenate your mobile get away.

We don’t just provide car valet services in bedford area, we also have services for marine gel coat polishing and fabric steam cleaning and fabric protection for caravan and motor homes.

Autogleam provide a mobile service with a fully self sufficient van with on board water and power allowing caravans and motor homes to be washed on site at storage locations or at clients homes.

Specialist chemicals from provide delicate non caustic chemical which is gentle enough not to harm surfaces and powerful enough to clean. Malco Aqua Wax provide extra gloss and protection on basic caravan cleaning service helping protect through elements and repelling road grime and green. This comes as standard.

Upgrading  protection is an idea for overwintering, summer protection and also enables easy future maintenance. Gel coat polishing using the very best compounds suited for motor homes and caravans enables us to produce high gloss finishes in short time periods. Presta Gel coat friendly products deliver such results.

Once we have polished your gel to a high gloss finish Autogleam have serveral sealant and coating options to choose from to lock in the shine. We are certified IGL coating master detailers and applicators. Autogleam can also restore damage to caravan and motorhome acrylic windows.

Treating tyres with Malco Blue Blazes not only leaves a fresh look, but also helps protect rubber tyres walls from cracking on motor homes and caravans left in situe for long periods.

Caravan and Motor home cleaning Bedford carried out by highly experienced team.