RRS Valet £59.99 (£69.99 for large car)

All body work, door shuts, boot shuts, fuel caps, wheels and wheel arches cleaned
High gloss premium wash and wax using super soft wash mitts
Nano Wax application for protection and extra gloss
Dried with plush drying towel
Windows cleaned inside & out
Tyres dressed in either matte, satin or high gloss to required taste.
Liquid Carnauba Dupont Zonyl Paste Wax or Nano Spray wax
Interior vacuum on all fabric and leather seats
Door Pockets & door cards cleaned and vacuumed
Interior Plastics cleaned
Carpets vacuumed and freshened
Air vents, dashboard cleaned
Interior & exterior mirrors cleaned
Glass Cleaned
Centre Console, storage spaces vacuumed and cleaned
Leather seats cleaned
Air freshened

Discount for multiple booking or regular bookings. Valeting outside Bedfordshire may incur fuel surcharge. Please clear all door pockets, boot areas and all areas that need cleaning. Uncleared areas will be worked around as best as can be.