Transforming Car Trailer Ready For Sale

Over the thirty plus years we have been running a mobile car valeting and detailing service within and around Bedfordshire. Over those years we have been asked to clean and polish thousands of cars, but also several other modes of transportation. Such vehicles have been motor homes which generally are gel coat, and in being requested to polish motor homes coupled with experience, research and testing of products we have managed to develop and employed a system which gains high level of finish in a efficient manner. With this understanding our experience can cross over onto boats, glider trailers, car trailers and other gel coat manufacturers.

Prepping Car Trailer For Polishing

Before any polishing takes place on this particular trailer it was imperative that the surface which had many miles of road contamination, bugs and general dirt upon it before any further work could be installed. So with bugs blitzed, metal work brightened chemically, roof cleaned and contamination removed our canvass was prepped for the nest stage.

Removing Vinyl Sign Writing

Having experienced and worked on many commercial vehicles removing vinyl sign writing the process is the same. We do NOT use razor blades and remove vinyl in a safe manor so not do damage any surfaces. Removing vinyl can be a challenge with different materials acting/reacting in adverse fashion. That can make labour time difficult to evaluate, but generally doesn’t have a bearing on the final finish other than extended duration.

Once the vinyl has been removed and carefully placed in a waste bag, the glue residue is cleaned off the surface. Once again, in a similar way to the vinyl, it can be time consuming in conjunction with how much glue adheres to the surface.

Gel Coat Polishing

Vinyl and glue has been removed the polishing process begins. Where there are deeper abrasions or scratches, then I sand both by hand and via a dual action polisher to fix or improve where possible. Gloss is reinstalled to give a fresh new look.  Protection can be added, in this case a final stage finishing polish with wax added was the order of the day as our goal was not prolonged protection which can be offered via waxes, sealants or ceramic coatings.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean & Transform A Trailer?

Generally this type of job can be finished within a day, which makes it very attractive to transform a trailers appearance and add re-sale value to your trailer. This particular job featured here took 10 hours labour to complete but we may work upon a ‘per hour’ basis after test areas to judge potential labour demands.

What Areas Do Our Valeting Services Cover

Our car valeting and other detailing services generally cover Bedford, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas. However we have completed jobs around the London area and in some cases on coastal towns on jobs which do demand overnight stays. For specialist valeting and detailing services or basic valeting service contact here